Sizing Guide

Child Age
Circumference of hat (cm)
Circumference range of child’s
head (cms)
NB - 3mths
3mth - 12mth
12mths - 2yrs
2-4 years
Where are kind and co beanies made?
All of our beanies are handmade in Peru. They are hand dyed in Cusco and knitted in Lima.

What are the beanies made of? 
Every single kind and co beanie  is made from 100% Peruvian baby Alpaca, naturally dyed by hand.

What is baby Alpaca?
Baby alpaca as it is the greatest fibre in the world.  It is so luxurious and soft as it is made of only the finest fibres from the Alpaca. The Alpaca is shorn once a year and it is done by hand. The term "baby" is not from the age of the animal but from where the wool is shorn on the first sheer. The neck and nape of the animal is where the fineness and rarity of this fibre comes from. Baby alpaca is a natural, cruelty free and joyfully sustainable.

How are the beanies dyed?
 Our beautiful yarn is naturally hand dyed in small batches by our friends at Pichinku.  All dye materials are locally sourced botanical materials that are collected by hand. All the materials are collected seasonally and sustainably venturing off deep into the Andean peaks and valleys. As every batch is unique there may be slight colour variations to the yrn once dyed. 

How are the beanies knitted?
We have two types of knitting that produce our range:

Hand knit which is with knitting needles.  We have a group of women knitter’s who live in Lima but are originally from all over Peru, they have been knitting since they were children. These talented women knit at home so they can take care of their family. The women also gather to knit, to sample new pieces, to conduct quality control and do the finishing touches at our head knitters work shop which is also her home, they are all one huge family.
Machine knit is the hand flat machine, it is completely manual. We have a great group of men who operate the equipment. They have a small workshop at one of the knitter’s homes.

We do not under any circumstance work with industrial knitting.

What does double the impact mean? 
At kind and co we deliver double the impact by choosing yarn that is hand dyed as well as having our products hand knitted. Two incomes supporting two families in Peru. We are sutainable, artisinal and ethical.

How to care for us? 
Our beanies must be washed in a wool wash only. Hand wash or machine on wool setting in a wash bag to protect the knit. Lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight. 

What size range do you offer? 
The kind and co range from newborn through to 4 years.

What if we need to return an item? 
We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase we will refund you. 
For information on how to return an item please contact us at info@kindandco.com.au.

Where do you ship? 
We ship currently only ship within Australia at flat rate of $8.

How can I help support kind and co?
You can support us by sharing our story on your social media pages, posting images of our beanies on your little loves - @kind_and_co. Spreading the word about our project will allow us to continue to provide sustainable products made  in Peru.

Is kind and co a non-profit? 
kind and co is a for-profit company. 
We havecreated our range of beanies that have no chemicals, are sustainably made and ethically produced. We are proud to support local artisans to provide for their families and their communities.

How do you support UNICEF? 
We believe that water is the essence of life, every single child should have access to clean water supplies.  Every single time a beanie is purchased from kind and co we donate 1000 litres of water to children in need. We are serious about making a difference.

What is your partnership with Awamaki? 
Our first partnership that we launched the kind and co project with is a non-profit organisation based in Peru called Awamaki who are supporting and empowering women.  Our collaboration with Awamaki helps to support the 180 Andean women and 522 children by craft income with a unique range of new born to two year beanies and accessories.  You can learn all about the wonderful work this non-profit enterprise does including their award winning tourism venture is changing people’s lives in Peru www.awamaki.org

What products do you offer from Awamaki? 
Our website currently showcase the beautiful Muku range from our friends at Awamkai. All of this beautiful range is hand knitted by women in Peru and supporting Awamaki on their crusade to empower women with education and financial independence.

Have a question but don’t see the answer here? Please email us at info@kindandco.com.au we would love to hear from you and be happy to answer any questions you may have.